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Phineas Gage (LEGO Stop-Motion Music Video)

Phineas Gage (LEGO Stop-Motion Music Video)

My students and I put together this stop motion animation of the famous case of Phineas Gage, who suffered a horrible brain injury while working on the railroad back in the 1800s. His case has been studied by Psychologists, Doctors and Railroad workmen’s insurers ever since. We used the following as our sources.

Macmillan, M. (2002). An odd kind of fame: Stories of Phineas Gage. MIT Press.


Harlow, J. M. (1999). Passage of an iron rod through the head. 1848. Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 11(2), 281-283.

as well as…

Harlow, J. M. (1869). Recovery from the passage of an iron bar through the head. D. Clapp.

We made the song and video with the following programs…
Protools for the song
iStopMotion for the animation
iMovie for the rest

Here it is:

Classical Conditioning Song

Classical Conditioning Song

Here is another song that I made for my AP Psychology classes at Arundel. I think there will be one more this year. Mr. Andrew Cizek is now involved and he did a great job with the bag-face scary guy. You’ll see.