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Month: February 2007

Von Brunswick! Finale

Von Brunswick! Finale

Picture this song (the second to last one on the inline player list below) as the loose “gang vocal” song that a bunch of people are singing at the end of a movie when the credits roll. If you have no idea what this song is about… or what this website is about… here goes… This is the final song in an album called Von Brunswick: In Pursuit of Grandeur about a prussian peasant who decided he should be king… many things happen in the 19 tracks album there are run ins with pirates, gypsy goblins, torturers, fair maidens circuses in forests etc etc… listen to it.

This song is also the final song of what has been known be a few people as in which I proposed –one year ago– to write record and post a song on every sunday and thursday for a year. TODAY I COMPLETED THIS GOAL! 104 songs! I’m even suprised that I was able to write and record that much while balancing full time work, part time college a girlfriend and all the other stuff. It’s been an experiment in creativity.

I think I’ll rearrange the songs into album form in week or so. There have been 9 different albums within the Sunday Thursday. They are…

The Machinery: a group of looping instrumental songs.

Where Am I Going and Where is The Wind?Quirky Poppy Rock with a lot of energy

A Bewildered Snail Cacophony Strange Indie Rock often in strange timings and usually bordering on disharmonious.

The F-ing QuadrangleIndie Folk, often emphasizing morbid, sci-fi or historical themes, antebellum, brownwater fleet, ragtime etc.

The Strength of Ice In Cracks On MountainsThese are the best Indie songs that I’ve done, themes usually include travel, family, morals, pride, experiences.

JinglesThese are jingles which I’ve written to be used to other while doing the sunday thursday.

The Queit PirateSlower sadders songs. Not my best.

Cursewords in Morse CodeThese are rough songs which are more traditional rockish sort of… There aren’t many of these.

Hoedowns for HipstersTwo or Three alt country folk numbers… this one never really took off.

And Last But Not Least…

Von Brunswick: In Pursuit of Grandeur About a Prussian Peseant who feel that he should be king… is chased by assasins, sold into slavery, shipwrecked, lovestruck, goblin haunted, lost, captured, tortured, imprisoned, escaped, circus-ified, lovestruck again, attacked, survives, married and lived happily ever after.

And if you don’t wanna weed through all of them here is “The Greatest Hits” Category Best Of The Sunday Thursday This category will eventually become some sort of main page I think.

I’ll pick up the new direction for this blog in a few weeks. Time for break.

Von Brunswick! Happiness Interlude

Von Brunswick! Happiness Interlude

One more after this and the vonbrunswick album as well as the whole sunday thursday is done. At this point Vb and his girl have survived the battle and are about to bid their friends adue… this is a bit of an anticlimax… the real theme was in the middle. “calling me their king… oh I’m not their king.”  “she told him he was better off without the throne she would be his kingdon, she could be his own!” “And you dear sir believe that you have gotten the worst of the strife.”

I feel like I should try and sell this story to Disney… it’d make a good animated movie.

This song is in a wierdest timing ever.  I believe that it’s 21/8 timing… I’m not too sure thought.  It goes 5 beats 5 beats 5 beats 3 beats.

Steel Drum, Guitar, Glockenspeil, harmonica, drums.

Von Brunswick! epilogue (a pirates thoughts while drowning)

Von Brunswick! epilogue (a pirates thoughts while drowning)

This is the 19th track of the Von Brunswick Album… the 17th and 18th still must be written but ehy will be the next two. This is a sea shanty done on accordion. It’s a flashback sort of thing from the occurences of track 3 Storms at Sea (which I still believe to be one of the best VB songs) where a ship sinks. I thought it was a good way to wrap it up. The true finale however will be track 18… stay tuned.