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Month: March 2008

Monday, Mar 3: War/Peace Debate & Credit lecture

Monday, Mar 3: War/Peace Debate & Credit lecture

American Cultures:

Today, I gave the students a new packet that follows Chapter 17 in the Holt: American Nation Text. I once again included the objectives and calendar to make everything was very clear for the students. Here it is…

“I am the Historian” Chapter 17

For the first day’s lesson, I set up a mini-debate (Page # 4) for this day that asked the students various questions of War and Peace to prep them for what they were about to learn about the Kellogg-Briand Pact. I had the students fill out the survey first and then we had a very well-formed discussion on it. Here is the lesson plan…

LP–Kellog Briand


Today, I put together a PowerPoint showing the students a bit more about Credit. The poster activity was a good intro, but this really sealed in the points that were made there. I sort of felt that the credit poster activity left some students a bit confused so this was a good clarification as well. I included web video clips and pictures in addition.

Credit Presentation