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Month: May 2008

WWII Mapping Project Video

WWII Mapping Project Video

This video shows the introduction and progress of a wall mapping activity in my American Cultures Class at Baldwin High School. The room that I taught in was shared with a Spanish Teacher and contained no maps whatsoever. I constantly found myself wanting to point at maps while teaching so that I could include a Geographical component but I could not because of the lack of maps. So my students suggested that we make maps. I followed through with their request by designing this mapping project. Here are the necessary resource documents if anyone would like to have such a map for WWII.

WWII in Europe Wall Map in 49 pieces

Europe Map Grid key

WWII in the Pacific Wall Map in 49 pieces

Pacific Map Grid Key

And along with this map making assignment the students researched certain topics pertaining to WWII; all of which had a geographical component to them which was locatable on the maps. Here is a list of the research topics as well as a preliminary research document. We went to the computer lab to do this research.

Research Topic List

Preliminary Research Worksheet

In the Preliminary Research worksheet I asked the students to find the who, what, where, when and then 5 whys. I stressed this point of 5 whys deep. I gave them an example by asking…

Why does the floor of our classroom look like a basketball court?” I asked.
“Because this used to be the gym.” They said.
Why is this no longer the gym?” I asked.
“Because they needed more room.” They said.
Why did they need more room?” I asked.
“Because the school is undergoing construction and the old part has been torn down.” They asnswered.
Why is the school undergoing construction?” I asked.
“Because it was really old and now we’re getting bigger.” They said.
Why is Baldwin getting bigger?” I asked.
“Hmmm…” They said.

So I wrapped up by tying the first to the last by saying, “We have a basketball court for a floor in here because Baldwin is getting bigger.” Many of the students really liked this questioning sequence others became a bit confused.