Von Brunswick! Happiness Interlude

Von Brunswick! Happiness Interlude

One more after this and the vonbrunswick album as well as the whole sunday thursday is done. At this point Vb and his girl have survived the battle and are about to bid their friends adue… this is a bit of an anticlimax… the real theme was in the middle. “calling me their king… oh I’m not their king.”  “she told him he was better off without the throne she would be his kingdon, she could be his own!” “And you dear sir believe that you have gotten the worst of the strife.”

I feel like I should try and sell this story to Disney… it’d make a good animated movie.

This song is in a wierdest timing ever.  I believe that it’s 21/8 timing… I’m not too sure thought.  It goes 5 beats 5 beats 5 beats 3 beats.

Steel Drum, Guitar, Glockenspeil, harmonica, drums.

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