There should be a rational alternative to war.

There should be a rational alternative to war.

My friend Ian Kane blogged recently about a program that can determine the results of wars. This idea–while seemingly fantastical–could have significant impacts on World Peace! (Note the capitalization and exclamation point… noting also that you should be excited)

I’ve learned several key things, in my studies, about modern developments in global conflict. Firstly that rational governments such as Republican Democracy or a Consensus Democracy or my favorite a Direct Democracy or most appropriately an Anticipatory Democracy but most probably not an Illiberal Democracy do not go to war against each other. This is not to say that there isn’t aggression and tension between modern states like for example France and the USA or the USA and Mexico or the USA and China or the USA and pretty much anybody in some way. But the general rule of thumb is that these countries don’t go and firebomb each other into oblivion as lesser states might. (emphasis on lesser… as I speak from some sort of ivory tower)

So there seems to be a need for conflict resolution other than war in these cases. Oh, of course some of you are saying “there is… it’s called diplomacy!” Kiebash I say! Diplomacy doesn’t work in purely rational ways like for example a computer program that predicts the results of wars would! Lets say there is a dispute between the USA and China and we plug in these numbers and factors and find that we would loose. Or that we would win. Then we could just forgo the entire war and start drawing up concessions before a single person has had to spill his/her blood. I mean, we’re rational beings right?!?!… we would see the simplicity and justice in this method right?!? And this way all countries could donate their entire defense budgets to pay disabled orphans to plant flowers in the ghettos and on mine fields. (After they’ve been de-mined of course) And the world would be full of singing and jelly beans and re-runs of the Jeffersons. Umm… Ok.

There is a point where extreme rationality becomes irrational… I think I crossed that line a few paragraphs back.

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