Tues, Jan 8: 13-2 Quiz & Review

Tues, Jan 8: 13-2 Quiz & Review

The 13-2 Quiz consisted of 10 multiple choice questions. This is how a quiz in this class happens: The kids answer the questions — using their notes — on a separate sheet of paper and then red pens are passed out so that the students can grade the quizzes themselves. The students are then told to multiply the grade that they received by a common multiplier. Usually 3 so that the quizzes are out of 30 points total. Mr. Geisler then usually has me enter the quiz grades into the pinnacle grade book server and that’s that. I hope to change this system just slightly when I have all of the classes. More on that to come.

After the quiz, we went over chapter 13 section 2. Since Mr. Geisler had been out the day before, I handled all three of the AC classes.

What has become difficult, however, is that there are some students who are absent and come in the next day — the day of a quiz perhaps — and say that they can’t take the quiz because they didn’t know about it. I think I’ll include a calendar in the next packet so that students will have no excuse. Makeups are a pain. Might as well minimize the pain as much as possible or else try to avoid the pain altogether.

In Nav Mr. Deemer taught an interesting magazine-pictionary game which I will adapt at some point in other classes. It was awesome! On several large sheets of paper were scenes from magazines such as a bank with a water cooler with lock representing a savings account because it is liquid and safe. Other sheets had a security guard with a flag and a crossed out rushing stream. Safe, government and not liquid = U.S. Savings bond. This technique was enviable. The kids loved it. I’ll have to do something like this in AC later on.

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