Aug 3rd Foot tap

Aug 3rd Foot tap

This song was originally intended to be a big powerful blues rock called “Aug3rd stomp” but since I toned it down quieter I figured that I’d call it Aug 3rd foot tap… Aug 3rd was when i wrote it. It’s about mean people… and why they suck so bad.

I just play guitar and sing on this.

I’ll put up the lyrics for once…

It’s true I’ve been under the gun
and you can’t stand my puns
when I try to, make you smile
you just drown me out with a words of pure denial
but I can see the empathy in you
yea ea ea yaeahh yea ea ea yaeahh
I can’t find the time
for hiding things from the blind
if you can’t tell how I feel
how could you tell if anythigns for real
and oh oh my momma said sometimes people aint so right in the head no no No no
thank God since old sliced bread, it’s the greatest thing to be greater than oh yeah oh yeah

I picked up but then fell down
scared from the stormy sounds
lightning in my ears thunder in my
bones, rainsoaked clothes
it’s a big bad world out there
nobody seems to give a care
just remember that loving doesn’t break the rules

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