Tuesday, Jan. 29: 15-1 and DeVry University

Tuesday, Jan. 29: 15-1 and DeVry University

American Cultures: Today’s class followed section 1 of the Holt American Nation textbook and section 1 of the “I am the Historian” packet that I created.

Lesson Plan: Stock market crash Section 15-1

This section starts on page four and ends on page six. I had instructed the students earlier that they should refer to the calendar (on page 2) for when things are due. I had told them that section 1 was due today, but a good 80% of them had not done it. I planned for this ahead of time by creating a reaction essay question at the end of each section. I had the students try to answer the question of “What caused the Great Depression?” While they sat quietly — semi-quietly at times — I went around the room and rewarded each student who had done their homework with three bonus points. I then told them that this was their gimme, next time I am stamping it with a rubber stamp. Those who have it done get 10 points; those who don’t will get 5 if they fill it in later. The students seemed to understand. Mr. Geisler seemed not to appreciate this method. He instructed me to either give credit or not. I replied that next time that is what I’m doing and that this time I expected this.

I continued with the lesson by going over the answers to the packet. Throughout the lesson, I related current events such as the Nintendo Wii, Hannah Montana Tickets, the Super Bowl and the film “It’s a Wonderful Life.” See lesson for more details.

Navigating: We had a guest speaker from DeVry University come in. Since Navigating is a careers based class these school representatives often come in. It seems as though the kids are getting tired of them though. Many students did not listen or filled out false info on the information cards that were passed out. Who can blame them.

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