Friday, Feb 15: Day 1 of new packet & Senior Skip Day

Friday, Feb 15: Day 1 of new packet & Senior Skip Day

American Cultures:

I handed out a new packet on the New Deal. The students sometimes appreciate the gag on the cover. This time it’s a picture of FDR giving a fireside chat to say that “_______ is the Historian”. The student is to fill in their name in the blank.

For this calendar, I rearranged the days so that we can still have accountability for due dates on assignments without the fear of snow days messing up the works. We filled out the blank spot beside each day with the tentative dates and let students know that these dates will change in case of snow days.

“I am the Historian” chapter 16 The New Deal

Before introducing the packet, we went over the Essays that were assigned on Monday. I offered Hershey’s kisses to students who gave their full and complete answer. Students seemed to like this.

For the remainder of class we listened to Roosevelt’s first inaugural address. It is 17 minutes long and I think I figured out — through careful observation — that my students’ attention spans are about 10 minutes shorter than that… if I’m lucky. So during the listening session students were given red pens. They also had their regular old pen or pencil. They were instructed to underline the main idea of each paragraph with their pen or pencil and underline any “Rock On!” moments with their red pen. “Rock On!” moments would be for example when FDR says “we have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Many students seem to have underlined quite a bit with their red pens. I feel that some of them were confused as to what to underline with what utensil. I need to start being more clear in my instructions. We had a short discussion afterwards, but it seemed that the speech had drained the energy out of them. I need to set a benchmark of excitement for the students to follow… I’m not sure how I’d do that.


Senior Skip day… out of both of my classes, one student showed up. Lots of free time during these 2 periods.

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