Monday, Feb. 25: Review & Senior Project seminar

Monday, Feb. 25: Review & Senior Project seminar

American Cultures:

I seem to have sequenced this chapter a bit too quickly. At the end of several days we were not done covering the material from the previous days. And although the material from the packet was assigned for homework, So — in the spirit of flexibility — I allowed for an extra day of class to cover material that students did not understand.

Here is how I structured this day… I informed the students that the chapter objective checklist on page 4 is basically the test. I let them know that they should be comfortable with understanding the objective because the test will be 10 of these short answer questions; the students must pick seven. So for homework on Friday, I told the students to look through the chapter objectives and questions from the homework and circle any that they are not sure about.

The students went to the LGI room to be instructed on their senior portfolios. They are required to put together reference letters, resumes and voluntary community service. They will also be being interviewed. I volunteered to be an interviewer. This will happen May 2.

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