Thursday, Feb 28: College Fair & Credit Poster

Thursday, Feb 28: College Fair & Credit Poster

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A college fair Downtown put a big damper on my AC classes today. 3rd period was in class for 5 minutes and then the students who were attending were dismissed. I had a total of 5 kids in 3rd & 6th. I used this time to get these students caught up on back work.


We continued working on the poster’s that detailed the following…

  1. How to get credit
  2. What effects your credit score
  3. How the math works behind credit cards
  4. How to stop identity theft
  5. How to spot scams
  6. What to do if you lose your card
  7. How to improve your score
  8. How much you’ll spend if you only pay the minimum balance each month.

Although most of my students have some sort of credit card almost none of my students knew much about the topic. So these posters were useful.

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