Friday, Feb 29: FDR article & Credit Poster

Friday, Feb 29: FDR article & Credit Poster

American Cultures:

Today, I had the students read an article in Upfront magazine detailing the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

FDR: Article

I thought this article would tie in well both to the New Deal (which we just covered) and World War II (which we are about to cover): gave a quick & easy overview which we discussed afterwards. Good times, easy participation. Nice Friday.


We finished up the Credit Poster activity followed by a quiz. So to study for the quiz, I tried something unique, I had the students hang their group’s posters on the wall and had a walk around “gallery style” study session. The kids seemed to like this. If the info that they needed wasn’t on their own group’s posters then they could get it off another group’s poster. They all did well on the quiz. No prob.

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