War breaks out & Budget Presentation

War breaks out & Budget Presentation

American Cultures:

Today, I played a clip from the radio drama War of the Worlds and had the students take it at face value. Then, I let them realize that many people thought this was a real alien invasion. This showcased the paranoia that existed at the time. We then covered section 4 of chapter 17, (included in the packet) which had been assigned for homework.

War Breaks Out Lesson Plan

Going over this, the students asked why we do not have a world map in our classroom. We share the room with the Spanish department and as of now it is entirely draped in the flags of Latin American countries. One of the students asked if we could draw a big map and a light bulb went off in my head. More on that later.


I created a PowerPoint presentation that started with a Price is Right style game. This showcased how little the students knew about the price of common household/food items. After this we transitioned to going over the steps for creating a budget. I showed a video of MC Hammer going from riches to rags in a Nationwide car commerical. This demonstrated the point that people should live within their income. The presentation…

Budget Presentation

Lesson Plan

I then included a scenario of a young guy named “Josh Darnumpour” (loosely based off of myself) from a webquest assignment I did last fall in Technology of Instruction at Pitt. Josh Darnumpour wants a sailboat but can’t quite make things work out. Check the PowerPoint for details.

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