Modern-day dictators & Taxes/budgeting project intro

Modern-day dictators & Taxes/budgeting project intro

American Cultures:

Today, we researched five different modern-day dictators. I handed out articles from Upfront Magazine to the students and had them take down 5 enlightening facts about their specific dictatorial regime. Each row had a different one including…

  • Iran (2 articles)
  • North Korea (2 articles)
  • Cuba
  • Venezuela
  • Myanmar

The students often knew things about Iran and North Korea but Myanmar was a new topic to them. I decided to use Myanmar after its military junta put down a recent monk uprising.


Today, we began the budgeting project with an introduction. Mr. Deemer went over all of the required specifications for the project. Then, we answered student questions about the project and began to talk about financial responsibility.

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