Section 3 Jigsaw & Tucker

Section 3 Jigsaw & Tucker

American Cultures:

As you can see from the “I am” Packet for chapter 17, Section 3 is very very long. I skipped section 2 on Mr. Geisler’s instruction. Section 3 is about the rise of militarism worldwide. So I decided to use the jigsaw method and take the 50 questions in section three and divide them up into five expert groups…

  • Italy
  • Soviet Union
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Japan

Each student was given a slip of paper with their assigned country and an assigned number. The number indicated what secondary group that the students would jigsaw into. On this first day we worked on becoming experts. Students were told to find the answers to their specific section within that heading section of the chapter. This worked pretty well at keeping the kids on task but I’m not too certain if it worked at promoting understanding about the rise of militarism. We will continue this tomorrow.


We continued to watch Tucker and the students filled out a few Navigating Curriculum workbook question’s which go along with the movie.

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