Jigsaw cont’d & Profit vs. people

Jigsaw cont’d & Profit vs. people

American Cultures:

We continued the Jigsaw activity to cover the rise of fascist dictators worldwide. Today, we moved from expert groups to jigsaw groups. I was sad to see that on my second ever attempt at Jigsawing that students simply passed their answers around to copy off of one another rather than actually interacting and teaching one another. I need to think of some sort of way to get around the jigsaw copying problem.


We finished the last few minutes of Tucker and then I showed them some modern-day examples of Profit vs. People including…

  • The Electric Car
  • Net Neutrality
  • Third Party Political Candidates

I did this via a presentation…

Profit vs. People

The kids seemed very interested and all went really well. I love teaching these current event days.

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