Patton &

Patton &

American Cultures:

Today, we continued to watch Patton. The students continued their notes on Patton in preparation to write an essay on his…

  1. Leadership Style
  2. Personal Views
  3. Battle Strategy

I’m beginning to like this idea of showing a movie one day per week rather than for four or five days strait. The students seem to remember what is going on and it doesn’t cause a huge planning blackout.


Today, we went to the computer lab and looked up cars for the budgeting project. We had already done this in the cars unit, but were picking out three more affordable cars on this go-around. After finding a car using one of these websites…

The students used the Auto loan calculator on to figure out a monthly payment. I think our lowest monthly payment was on an old used Hugo where the monthly payment was $33/month with no down payment.

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