Chap 17 section 3 & Groceries

Chap 17 section 3 & Groceries

American Cultures:

In the packet, I broke section 3 down into two parts of homework to save the students some trouble. This section went well. I showed a short web video through S-video on the TV. The video was on Pearl Harbor. The students seem to like breaking up the class lecture with these short videos. I think this packet method is working out pretty well. Even though some of the students don’t like having homework, this method works well in three important ways…

  1. Clearly shows and goes over the objectives, which end up being the short answer test.
  2. Engenders engaged participation by asking those hard questions that students do not ask when taking notes. Application questions rather than just recall note-taking.
  3. Gives the students a tangible guide through each and every chapter, including a calendar so that students know when assignments are due and cannot play that “I wasn’t here when this was assigned” card.

I will use the packet method when I am out on my own.


Today, we went to the computer lab again and looked up produce on The students made a weekly grocery list out of estimates for how much they will eat when they are out on their own. They also made monthly household items lists. The prices on Peapod are a bit higher than in Pittsburgh, but it didn’t hurt to shock the kids with high prices to show them that it’s a tough world out there.

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