WWII battle tactics & Budget project

WWII battle tactics & Budget project

American Cultures:

Today, I created a PowerPoint to show the students a series of pictures demonstrating the differences in battle tactics from WWI to WWII.

Nazi Militarism, Presentation

WWI included a lot of trench warfare with small clumsy tanks that did not hold many people or pack much of a punch. WWII tanks were large and mass produced. They were organized in entire divisions. This presentation also demonstrates the German Blitzkrieg, the London Bombings and the German Military regimes rallies.


Today, we continued on the Budgeting project as we began to look up more info on the grocery list. Many students had not completed and printed out their shopping carts from the day before so we continued it today. Very many of my students are way off in one direction or the other. Either buying a multitude of food that they could not possibly eat in its entirety or skimping to the extent that they will be starving. They’ll learn.

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