WWII footage & Budget project

WWII footage & Budget project

American Cultures:

One of my fellow Student-Teachers owns a WWII news real footage DVD collection. After borrowing and checking out these DVD’s I found that there are a few clips that pertain exactly to what we had just learned in chapter 17. So I showed video clips demonstrating.

  • Hitler’s Rise to Power
  • The Kellogg-Briand Pact
  • The Munich Conference
  • Hitler’s invasion of Poland
  • France’s defeat
  • The Japanese annexation of Manchuria
  • Pearl Harbor

I had the students take notes on these topics because many of these will be included on the test tomorrow. This was a great moment of clarification for some students.


We continued our work on the Budgeting project by looking up apartments in the apartment guide circulars found in grocery store lobbies. The students were to pick three different apartment so that they can pick and choose the cheapest one later when they must add everything up. They were also required to call up the realtor and ask how much utilities normally cost. Some outgoing students loved this. Others could not handle making a cold phone call.

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