The Sunday Thursday . com

The Sunday Thursday . com

This is a new project of mine. One day I was napping and woke up and bought this domain name. I thought that a written blog is something special on its own but oftentimes I record more songs than write blog posts. So I figured I’d incorporate both of those into this wordpress blog. The title means that I will be coming up with something new every sunday and thursday. This post (and the four songs in the player already) count for Sun, Feb 5. Hopefully I’ll be able to write and record (at least a rough version) of a song twice a week…. Even if it’s just guitar and vocals… or just vocals… or even just me recording some room noise. I didn’t use my previously existing site ( because I’ll be collaborating with friends on the recordings. (and I don’t want to be on eof those pretentious frontman named-band guys) So far the songs in the player have either been just me or me and Brian Jump (an amazing musician who plays evey wednesday at Youngs Tavern on the southside) or me and Andrew Whalen (a guy who sleeps on the couch upstairs and seems to be able to pick up any instrument and do something creative with it) Each word post will be the liner notes for the new recording as well as lyrics and a story about it. So this is a true to form MP3 blog.

Curious George… Brad Wray: Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonica, Vocals

Disregard this… Brian Jump: Banjo, Bass, Lead Guitar, Drums, Bongos, backing vocals; Brad Wray: Vocals, Rythm Guitar, Harmonica

Headbangin’ Carousel… Andrew Whalen: Harmonica; Brad Wray: Drums

We Don’t Care: Brad Wray: Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals, Percussion

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  1. I think this is an inspired endeavor. I’m surprised no one has commented on it yet. Maybe it’s because it’s just one of those things that is so groovy, people figure you must already know how groovy it is. Well, I’m sure you do, but just to reassure you… this is pretty damn groovy.

    I’ll do my best to spread the gospel of The Sunday Thursday, my friends…

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