Get it… the song is about tornados and it’s comprised of loops and rounds… haha hehe we we …all the way home. This F-ing quadrangle place is quite a straneg locale… that poor dog in this song gets stolen up by the winds.

Note to world (and self) if Bees sting you don’t swat the bees nest with a broom… it’ll just make them angrier. Instead plant flowers… this is a good analogy for the war on terrorism. Just a thought.

Special Note… did you know that they call Tornados “Cyclones” elsewhere. If we were in Bangladesh… this song would be called “Cyclone”… but probably in some Bangladeshi language. Cyclones have actually killed hundereds of thousands of people in Bangladesh and India.
At the end of this song you get a special treat… there is a chorus of 13 brads at once doing a four part harmony. (my first ever four part harmony)

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