Von Brunswick! Storms at Sea

Von Brunswick! Storms at Sea

Ok this is the best Von Brunswick Song yet… so far all the songs have been chronological to the story… at this point he’s stuck in the bottom of a ship and the weather is getting bad. Gwen sings backup on this she is awesome!!! I called the Genre “stalinist-mariner-folk” I think it fits… In this I play guitar, drums, banjo and jews harp.

4 thoughts on “Von Brunswick! Storms at Sea

  1. Hi Brad!

    I just posted this song in my training classroom. (With full accreditation and a link to here :) So if you get a bunch of random professor-types visiting your site, blame me.


  2. Brad,

    I love how this song makes me really feel like I’m riding the swells of an oceanic voyage. High one minute, low the next minute…I might actually get sea sick. Great job on this song. It rocks.

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