Von Brunswick! And the Uplifting Jail Escape Themesong

Von Brunswick! And the Uplifting Jail Escape Themesong

I couldn’t get rid of the feel that this song gave me right after I wrote it. It was the first Von Brunswick song that I wrote. It was written on a whim… an impaired whim nonetheless. And I played it a few weeks after I wrote it at the Shadow Lounge and people seemed to like it. (a few actually remembered about the Von Brunswick album the next time I saw them)

Anyway Von Brunswick at this point digs himself out of prison with a spoon of which he has grown fond…he then gets caught, does it again and escapes for good. This song has some of the best lyrics of the whole album. “Freedom was wasted on people who pray for rules to obey instead of placed to lay” and “He had to append to what he couldn’t ammend cause he’d wanted the throan but was cold and alone so he dug at the stone till he wore to the bone” and “The future’s been used up by people who wait for folks who’ll obey and do just what they say.” These lines always come at the neds of verses. Funny how that worked out.

In this I played, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Banjo, Harmonica etc… I’m going away on vacation next week and really needed to hunker down some evening after work and record this and a few extra songs so I spread it out over two nights (not typical for me… usually things get recorded in one sitting)

Brad Wray

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