Hot Dogma Themesong v1.0

Hot Dogma Themesong v1.0

Here is the first in several alterations of a themesong for the best hot dog shop on the planet. which happens to be right here in Pittsburgh. Hot Dogma… is the eatery of which I speak and I plan on writing quite a few songs themed around my favorite hot dog shop. I think perhaps it would be good to have a collaborative album called “Franks Be to God” where each of the 13 hot dogma franks would be featured in song. For Mexican there would be a crazy marichi sound… for Italian I’d break out my accodion. For German, it’d be a oktoberfest sort of feel. It should be a sort of benefit album for Hot Dogma with various artists. I’m gonna have to have a lot of interest out of people for this so let me know if this idea sounds any good. And I’ll be looking for folks to collaborate. Let me know.

In this song I play guitar, drums and glockenspiel … I love that sing-songy harmonization stuff.


they sell hot dogs for your gourmet pallet / fruit shakes and also salads / don’t be the last one to know that there’s feta cheese on an El Greco / Hot dogma is good karma for you lunchtime on the job / on Oliver avenue in Downtown pittsburgh… Franks be to God

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