William Edward Muller

William Edward Muller

I recently did a study of Trinity Episcopal Cemetary in downtown Pittsburgh. The cemetary has some rpetty unique history. It used to be an Indian burial mound and was then used by the French, English and Americans as they occupied this land. But a church was built ontop of it and a city was built around it and now it is a hemmed in little green spot amid skyscrapers and such with many marked burials dating far back into American history. William Edward Muller is one of those buried there. He died in the early 19th century and what struck me most about his grave was the beautiful inscription on the gravestone. It reads…

“Beneath this stone repose the mortal remains of William Edward Muller, who was cut off by the hand of a wise but mysterious Providence in the twentythird year of his age the week before his expected nuptials in the morning of life happy in the warm attachement of his friends and the general esteem of society strong in health–bouyant in hope and with every earthly prospect brightening before him. His death was occasioned by a severe fracture of the leg followed by a swift and fatal mortification. The efforts of medical skill and the watchful assiduities of friendship were all exerted in vain. And a lapse of seven days closed the scene. And compelled him to resign the promised festivities of the bridal for the awful stillness of the tomb. He endured his acute suffering with heroic fortitude and met the approach of death with a degree of calm resolution and ferverent piety.”

I love the wise but mysterious providence part… and the “strong in health–bouyant in hope and with every earthly prospect brightening before him” part. It is a very sad tomb. I feel like he could be me in some way. So I wrote this song. The lyrics are made up of pieces of the inscription as well as the phrase “I’ll never know where my green grass grows(refering to his grave) and you’ll never know how my leg got broke (refering to my ignorance on that matter)

Guitar, Drums, vocals… totally loop-pedal-able

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