My name is Brad Wray I’m a teacher, app-developer and musician from Baltimore, MD.


I teach AP Psychology and AP Computer Science Principles at Arundel High School. My psychology teaching videos have been featured on the New York Times Freakonomics blog and in Scientific American. My student’s research has been featured at the annual Association for Psychological Science convention. I’ve given talks about my teaching at Ignite Baltimore and professional development sessions. I am a member of the APA’s Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools and I am also a reader for the AP Psychology exam. In class, I’m known for My wiki, for my smartboard drawings and for my favorite canned food item.


I’m an educational technology app-developer. I’ve taught myself HTML, CSS, Javascript and recently the React Javascript library. I’ve recently launched the beta version of an educational technology web-app called xamplr that allows students to create, share and evaluate examples of psychological terminology in a competitive game-like atmosphere.


For the past few years I’ve been making electronic-ish indie rock music via Rodeoboats. Check out our Soundcloud.  Previously, I wrote and sang the songs for a 6 person band called Deep Sea Cavalry. Before that I wrote, recorded and posted two songs per week for a year on this website you’re reading right now. I’ve also written some jingles for advertisements for businesses owned by friends.



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